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Case Studies

Projects that we have successfully delivered

Real projects that have saved money and reduced carbon footprint

Our focus is always on providing practical energy efficiency solutions to our clients. Over the past 11 years we have delivered many such projects.

Our award winning Lean Energy Management solution has helped a large range of manufacturing companies to reduce their energy usage across their facilities. Our LED lighting projects are leading the way in energy efficient lighting and our industrial & commercial energy auditing services continues to uncover hidden energy waste.

We work with a vast array of clients across many sectors to provide cost effective savings. Below is a selection of some of the projects we have delivered which will give you an understanding of the type of work we do:

Industrial Sector LED Lighting Case Studies

Automotive Press Shop LED Lighting Upgrade

Replacement of all high bay lighting at 22m height plus the task lighting. In addition the dye store and repair shop was also upgraded at the same time providing an 80% savings.
Industrial Unit LED Lighting Upgrade

Industrial unit LED Lighting upgrade

A metal fabricator wanted to increase their lighting levels and to reduce their energy bills. We installed new LED high bays  to provide 500 lux of light across the shop floor.

Distribution Centre LED Lighting upgrade

A 24/7 distribution centre upgraded their T8 linears to LED high bays with lighting controls. New LED emergency fittings installed. 83% savings on their lighting bill.

Timber factory LED lighting

Timber Processing Factory LED Lighting upgrade

A timber processing factory was upgraded to high performance LED high bays & emergency lighting. Motion control sensors providing maximum energy savings.


Logistics warehouse LED Lighting upgrade

A 26,000m2 warehouse running 24/7 required a full retrofit of LED High Bay lamps with motion sensors.  Emergency lighting was also installed as part of the project
Paint Shop LED Lighting

Paint Shop LED Lighting upgrade

A retrofit of over 10,000 T8 fittings, 150 high bays and 200 Area lights in an Automotive Paint Shop.  Areas included Spray booths, inspection lines and ambient lighting.

Education Sector LED Lighting Case Studies

Sports Hall LED Lighting Project

Sports Hall LED Lighting Upgrade

An independent Senior School wanted to replace their Sports Hall lighting to reduce energy costs and to increase the level of lighting. 

CoE Primary School LED Lighting Upgrade

A Church of England Primary School  upgraded their lighting to LEDs. All classrooms, halls and common areas were upgraded. 
LED Lighting for Schools

A phased LED Lighting Upgrade to a School

A leading primary school wanted to use the savings made on their LED lighting upgrades to be re-invested into further upgrades.  The multi-use halls, classrooms, kitchens and corridors were upgraded.


Independent School LED Lighting Upgrade

A Surrey Independent Prep School relocated to a larger property and as part of the move they upgraded the lighting to LED based lighting. 

LED Lighting for Schools

Senior Academy LED Lighting project

A large pupil senior academy was upgraded over the summer recess.  We replaced over 2,000 fittings and emergency lighting being replaced across its two buildings.
LED Lighting for Schools

Primary School LED Lighting upgrade

A replacement and retrofit LED Lighting Project in a small city primary school.  All fittings were upgraded to LED including installing new Emergency Lighting.

Commercial Sector LED Lighting Case Studies

Commercial Office LED Lighting

Business Centre LED Lighting Upgrade

A business centre wanted to reduce both their energy spend and carbon footprint. Ecopare delivered a project to install over 260 LED panels over the 2 floor building. 
Commercial Office LED Lighting

Commercial Offices LED Lighting Upgrade

A leading North East printing company secured a grant to upgrade their office lighting LED. Over a 5 day period Ecopare replaced their 2 story office block's lighting.
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