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Business Centre LED Lighting project

Commercial Office LED Lighting

Reducing costs and increasing light levels 

Banbury, UK

Organisation Type
Business Centre
Facility Type
Double Story Office Block

Project Scope 

A leading Banbury based business centre needed to reduce their energy consumption to contain costs.  The best savings they could achieve was to upgrade their lighting to LED lighting. 

The project was undertaken over 2 weekends to reduce the impact on the business centre's tenants.

The areas that Ecopare upgraded included:

  • Removal of 260 florescent trays and replaced with LED panels in the tenant's offices.
  • Removal of T8 florescent trays in welfare and kitchen areas and replaced with LED panels.
  • Installation of LED self-test emergency fittings integrated into the LED Panels.
  • Conversion of existing wall washer lamps to LED fittings to retain the architectural look.

Project Outcomes 

  • 21 months Return of investment
  • Estimated +60% reduction in energy (based on client's usage patterns)
  • 19 years of maintenance free lighting
  • 5 year warranty on the fittings
Commercial Office LED Lighting
Commercial Office LED Lighting
Commercial Office LED Lighting
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