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Professional LED Lighting services

Full scope service for a successful LED Lighting upgrade 

Ecopare has been delivering LED factory lighting since 2013. 

We are experienced in upgrading lighting production environments of all kinds, from automotive press shops through to plastic injection moulders.

Our projects range from installing new task lighting on a work-bench to mass replacement of lighting in an automotive paint shop.

Our LED lighting specialities are:

  • High bay lighting in production areas, storage areas and walk-way/ corridor lighting
  • Task lighting over work-benches, production lines and inspection areas
  • Specialised lighting for detailed inspection work including colour rendering/matching
  • Stores lighting with advanced lighting controls

How much can you save?

Changing traditional factory lighting to LED will reduce your lighting electrical load by at least 70% on a like for like-basis.  Adding in lighting controls will give you another 10%-15% reduction depending on the technologies used.  This will then give you an 80% to 85% reduction in the electrical load.

Depending on your operational hours we see lighting project ROI's as follows:

  • Single Shift:  24-36 months
  • Double Shift: 20-28 months
  • 24/5: 16-24 months
  • 24/7: 9-18 months

We will always provide a fully costed  payback schedule will all our LED Lighting proposals. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of installing new LED factory lighting depends on a number of factors:

  • The area being upgraded, such as the high bay lighting vs low-level task lighting.
  • The amount of light needed,  as different tasks require different light levels from an occupational health perspective. 
  • The effort required to remove the old fittings and install the new fittings.
  • Changes required to the fixed wiring systems

Our fully priced proposal provide a fixed price based on a detailed lighting survey.  The survey is conducted by one of our Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals for peace of mind.

Timber factory LED lighting

Contact us for a free site survey

Our professional lighting surveyors will provide a no-cost lighting survey and a fully costed proposal to upgrade your factory lighting.

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    Examples of our work:

    Paint Shop LED LightingTimber factory LED lightingIndustrial Unit LED Lighting Upgrade

    Project Gallery

    Production Line LED Lighting
    Production line LED Lighting
    A multi-stage production line spanning over 3,500m was upgraded to LED.  Both the task lighting and the high bays were retrofitted.
    Furniture Factory LED Lighting
    A multi building furniture factory required a full replacement of their task lighting and emergency lighting.  Over 200 fittings were replaced during the project.

    Inspection Deck LED Lighting
    Development, manufacture and installation of bespoke LED fittings to meet high output, dimmable lighting with a high colour rendition.

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