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Warehouse LED Lighting

Logistics Warehouse LED Lighting Upgrade

A Logistics Warehouse LED Lighting project 

Liverpool, UK

Industrial Sub-sector
Logistics, Industrial
Facility Types
Warehouse, Stores

Project Scope 

A 26,000m2 logistics warehouse containing open stores, racking, receiving and dispatch docks. The 24/7 operation needed a complete upgrade to their obsolete lighting systems at the same time as adding motion control sensors to maximise energy savings.  Ecopare undertook a full lighting audit of the warehousing operations.  The survey data was used to develop the payback models based on a full photometric analysis of the new LED High Bays and emergency lighting.  Motion sensors for all areas was also included in the project.

  • Removal of 200 Sodium High Bays and 800 T12 and T8 linear fittings and replacing them with 800 LED High Bays
  • Installation of new Emergency lighting
  • Installation of lighting controls by aisle and open zone for motion sensing

Project Outcomes 

  • 25 months Return of investment
  • Verified 84% reduction in energy cost
  • 418 tonnes eCO2t reduction
  • 10 year warranty on the fittings
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