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Timber Processing Factory LED Lighting

Timber factory LED Lighting

A Factory LED Lighting project 

Glastonbury, UK

Industrial Sub-sector
Timber Processing
Facility Types

Project Scope 

Ecopare undertook a lighting audit of the factory and initial energy measurement values.  Survey data was used to develop the payback models based on a full photometric analysis of using LED High Bays with motion controls.

The upgrade was undertaken in a single day and it included:

  • Replacement of Sodium High Bays with 10-year warranty LED High Bays
  • Installation of motion sensors to maximise energy savings
  • Lux levels of 500 to meet task requirements

Project Outcomes 

  • 21 months Return of investment
  • Verified 81% reduction in energy
  • 15 years of maintenance free lighting
  • 10 year warranty on the fittings
Timber factory LED Lighting
Timber factory LED Lighting
Timber factory LED Lighting
Timber factory LED lighting
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