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Ecopare Ltd, the practical energy efficiency company

Smart Metering and Energy Measurement

Active Energy Management

Real-time reporting of energy usage
Measurement is the first step into being able to manage energy usage. Our solutions allows us to collect real-time energy data across multiple types of facilities and systems.

This data is uploaded into our cloud-based Energy Management Systems for analysis and reporting. 

Combined with environmental and occupancy data, we can then recommend how to make energy savings without negatively impacting on the client's outcomes.

Our Energy Management System

Our Solutions

We provide a full auditing and energy management service. We have the expertise to conduct audits, recommend changes and to assist in implementing these changes. Our services include:
Business Energy Efficiency
Smart Metering by Ecopare

Smart Metering

Ecopare has been deploying and supporting advanced energy metering since 2010. 

We have installed many meters across industrial, commercial and academic organisations. We use the latest IoT technologies to deliver energy data from any source. This includes electrical, gas, water or environmental data.
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Lean Energy Management by Ecopare

Lean Energy Management

Industrial Energy Management is all about seeing energy as a resource to the manufacturing process. 

Our Lean Energy Management solution maps the amount of energy being used during the manufacturing process. We are able to identify waste energy and provide the tools to eliminate this waste.
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Our Clients

Greenfield School, Woking

Our Team's Certifications

Our smart metering team is made up of qualified energy auditors, as well and energy management technicians to provide auditing and advice on managing your energy requirements. 

Some of the certifications Ecopare and its staff have include:

Smart Metering and Energy Management Projects we have completed

Automotive Paint Shop 
Energy Audit
Power Quality Analysis and Energy Audit
Real Time Energy Data Collection
Pump and Motors Energy Data Analysis
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