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Ecopare Ltd, the practical energy efficiency company


Targeted Energy Efficiency depending on your sector

Over the last 11 years we have delivered Energy Efficiency projects to many organisations. We understand that an Energy Efficiency project in a school is very different to one in a factory.  We therefore have tailored solutions depending on the sector our client is in.  An example is our energy auditing solutions that differ depending on whether we are auditing an office block or a production line.

Our team is made up of Energy Efficiency professionals, management consultants, technical specialists and industry veterans. 

We have detailed experience of the sectors detailed below:

Industrial Sector

In 2010 we delivered our first Industrial Energy Efficiency project where we reduced a factory's energy bill by 21%. Over the past 11 years we have worked with Advanced Engineering, Automotive, Food processing, Pharmaceutical and many other types of manufacturers to reduce their energy consumption.

Our award winning Lean Energy Management solution rapidly identifies energy usage across a factory and provides a set of recommendations to reduce wasted energy.

In addition to working directly with clients we also work with trade groups and bodies.  These include Make UK, the Manufacturing Advisory Service, the Institute for Manufacturing and the Carbon Trust to help manufacturers become more energy efficient.
Industrial Energy Efficiency projects by Ecopare
Industrial Energy Efficiency
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Education Sector

We work with a range of maintained schools, Academies and independent schools to assist them in reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint.  Projects include Energy Audits, LED lighting upgrades and smart metering.

Our staff are all DBS cleared to work in schools and we have a good understanding of how energy efficiency relates to providing a better education experience.

One of our most popular solutions is a half day Energy Awareness training course that has been delivered to over 190 bursars, business managers and facilities staff over the past 5 years.
Schools Energy Efficiency projects by Ecopare
Schools Energy Efficiency
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Commercial Sector

The level of of energy consumption in a commercial property is directly related to the occupancy levels. What we find is that most properties are using 100% of peak load during office hours but are not at 100% occupational capacity. This provides a large opportunity to balance the energy usage with the staffing levels.

Ecopare has a proven set of energy efficiency tools that will identify, track and help reduce waste energy in a commercial property.

We also have a dedicated LED Lighting team who can advise on how best to replace traditional office lighting with efficient LED lighting.
Business Energy Efficiency projects by Ecopare
Business Energy Efficiency
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