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A large Academy LED Lighting Upgrade

LED Lighting for Schools

Upgrading a whole school to LED Lighting 

Wadebridge, UK

Organisation Type
Independent prep  School
Facility Type
Multi-story school building

Project Scope 

The Senior academy wanted to upgrade their lighting to LED to reduce operational costs and to increase the level of lighting in key areas such as classrooms, DT workshops and science laboratories.  Spanning over two buildings, the school had over 2,000 fittings that needed to be replaced.

The project was undertaken over the 2021 summer break to ensure that there was minimal impact on the students and staff.

The areas that Ecopare upgraded included:

  • Classrooms, DT workshops, teaching kitchens, Art classrooms, music rooms and form rooms.
  • Multi-use hall, gymnasium, drama studio and dance studio.
  • Kitchens and Canteens.
  • Corridors and welfare areas.
  • Outdoor lighting.
  • Atriums and reception areas.
  • Emergency lighting.

Project Outcomes 

  • 80% Reduction in lighting energy consumption.
  • A full replacement project across the school during summer recess.
  • 40 tonnes eCO2 per annum removed from their carbon footprint.
  • Increased levels of lighting in all areas.
  • 5 year warranty on the fittings.
LED Lighting for Schools
LED Lighting for Schools
LED Lighting for Schools
LED Lighting for Schools
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