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Ecopare Ltd, the practical energy efficiency company

Commercial Sector Energy Efficiency

Practical Business Energy Reduction Solutions

We understand business' need for energy reduction
From business centres through to small studio offices Ecopare has worked with a wide range of clients and understands the requirements to reduce energy bills.

Typically, most of energy consumed in these types of businesses is through lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). We are experts in identifying potential waste and provide solutions to reduce this waste energy.

Through our energy auditing surveys we typically identify potential energy savings in the region of 20% - 50% for most buildings.

Although energy may only be a small part of the overall cost (way behind the cost of labour and rent) it has a large impact on the overall profitability - up to 2% of the bottom line. We have the tools to reduce this cost and to increase your profitability.
Business Energy Efficiency projects by Ecopare
Business Sector Energy Efficiency

Our Solutions

Our energy efficiency solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of the commercial sector. We understand the need to reduce energy consumption without negatively impacting on staff welfare.

Our consultants and engineers are seasoned professionals who understand how buildings operate and how to maximise energy savings.
Business Energy Efficiency
Education Sector Energy Audits from Ecopare

Facility Energy Audits

Our usual starting point for energy efficiency is to conduct an Energy Audit. This provides the evidence and direction in becoming more Energy Efficient. 

The audit is undertaken by a Certified Energy Auditor and the audit report will provide details on energy consumption & mix, areas of improvement and estimated returns for each improvement.
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Energy Awareness workshops by Ecopare

Energy Awareness Workshops

The Energy Awareness Workshop is an interactive half day of learning, knowledge sharing and action planning. 

Topics include understanding your energy bills, technical jargon made easy and how to run an energy reduction project.
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Smart Meters and Energy Reporting from Ecopare

Smart Meters & Energy monitoring

Monthly or quarterly energy bills cannot provide the detail needed to drive energy efficiency. We have the experience to install energy meters, smart sensors and other devices to capture the necessary data. 

We collect energy data for all types of energy including electricity, gas, water and oil. Our meters can also capture environmental data such as temperature, footfall and light levels.
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Commercial Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting 

LED lighting for business offices, estates, convention centres and retail outlets. We design, install and commission an wide range of LED lighting and Emergency lighting.

All our LED Lighting is installed with controls to actively adjust for daylight levels, occupancy and security/welfare requirements.

We aim to reduce your lighting bill by 80% or more with our LED lighting solutions.
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Commercial Sector Clients

Our commercial sector expertise ranges from reducing energy in offices through to upgrading the lighting to LED based lighting in large business centres. Types of commercial facilities we work with include:
  • Leased offices
  • Business Centres
  • Business Parks
  • Light industrial properties including laboratories
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Retail and leisure complexes

Our Clients

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