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Professional LED Lighting services

Full scope service for a successful LED Lighting upgrade 

Ecopare has been delivering LED warehouse lighting since 2013. We have undertaken many industrial lighting projects from installing new lighting in a small warehouse to upgrading a 26,000m2 warehouse.

We undertake both LED retrofit upgrades and new-build LED installations.  Our LED lighting team includes qualified electricians, lighting professionals and seasoned project managers. 

We deliver all aspects of an LED lighting upgrade from the design & procurement through to commissioning & certifying the new LED lighting system.

How much can you save?

LED Warehouse lighting upgrades typically saves between 70% to 80% before including lighting controls.  With lighting controls the savings are typically over 85%.

A simple calculation is that for every 400W high bay, you will install a 110W LED high-bay to provide a similar light level, or a 73% reduction in energy before system losses.

Lighting controls to dim the LED lights down to 10W-15W when the racking aisle are not occupied will typically increase the savings by another 10%.     

Warehouse Lighting Projects undertaken

Ecopare undertakes all types of warehouse lighting projects.  These include:

  • High Rise Racking warehouses
  • Open Racking warehouses
  • Bulk Storage warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Logistics hubs
  • Small industrial unit warehouses
  • Multi-story mezzanine type warehouses
  • Bonded/ secure stores
  • Cold Stores

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We provide free lighting surveys undertaken by our Certified Lighting Efficiency professionals.  The outcome of the survey is a fully costed proposal with verified payback models to justify the project.

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    Some of our LED projects:

    LED Lighting InstallationNarrow Rack LED LightingAutomotive Press Shop LED Lighting upgrade

    Project Gallery

    Narrow Rack LED Lighting
    Warehouse with narrow aisle LED lighting upgrade
    The 24/7 warehouse with 12 meter high narrow aisle racking was upgraded to LED high bays. The new LED high bays have motion sensors that allow for dimming down to 10%
    Industrial Unit warehouse LED Lighting
    A small industrial unit's high-bays were installed with new high bay emergency lighting.

    Refurbished Warehouse
    An small refurbished warehouse required new LED Lighting and new fixed wiring.    Daylight sensors installed on the LED fittings ensured maximum savings. 
    Timber products racking store
    An open racking warehouse housing timber products was upgraded from 1950's high bay lighting to LED based high-bays.  The savings of over 85% in the lighting bill was achieved. 
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