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Ecopare Ltd, the practical energy efficiency company
  • LED Lighting for factories
    Factory Energy Efficiency
  • LED Lighting for Schools
    LED lighting for Schools
  • LED Lighting for warehouses
    Warehouse LED Lighting
  • Industrial Energy measurement and auditing
    Enegy and Carbon Auditing

Helping your organisation to become Net-Zero

Energy & Carbon auditing
Delivering Net-Zero projects
Sustainability workplace training
Installations of Renewables 
LED lighting Retrofits

Experts in energy reduction

Ecopare delivers practical energy reduction projects into industrial, commercial and education organisations. 
We have over 12 years of experience in reducing energy usage.   Our team includes seasoned energy managers, auditing specialists and technical experts.  We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited.

We save you money and help you to reduce your carbon footprint

What we offer

Energy management and energy efficiency services 

Our certified energy managers and energy auditors deliver the tools needed to effectively drive energy efficiency in an organisation.  We have delivered over 250 energy audits and energy efficiency projects.  

Energy and Carbon Auditing
Energy auditing, energy efficiency programmes and ongoing energy management consulting
Smart metering and automated energy optimisation

Our energy metering solutions include both temporary energy data collection through to long term automated energy optimisation.  We use a range of wired and wireless sensors that collect all types of energy data.  

Net Zero Project Management
Smart metering and energy IoT solutions
LED lighting and lighting controls

Our dedicated lighting team are able to audit, specify and install LED lighting that will reduce your lighting bill by up to 85%.  Our LED lighting projects include industrial & warehouse lighting, commercial lighting and lighting for schools.  

Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting
Industrial, commercial and school LED lighting solutions 

Welcome to Ecopare 

We deliver practical Energy & Carbon reduction solutions to businesses, schools and industry.
Our aim is to help you in your journey towards Net-Zero.
Over the past 12 years we have helped hundreds of businesses to identify and reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints.

Our drive has been to eliminate waste energy and to assist in actively managing energy consumption.  This provides financial, environmental and sustainability benefits for our clients.  

Our clients are now transitioning to not only reducing energy consumption but to move towards Net-Zero through a range of programmes such as adoption of renewable energy sources, alternate fuel supplies and decarbonisation of their supply chains.

We have the tools and solutions to deliver meaningful energy and carbon reduction programmes as well as the ability to help businesses achieve their Net-Zero targets through the installation of renewable technologies such as Solar, Heat pumps and Energy storage solutions.

 Our team includes seasoned energy managers, auditing specialists, electrical and mechanical experts and sustainability professionals.  We are an ISO9001  and ISO14001 accredited company.

Our Business In Numbers

Ecopare is driven by results and metrics. We keep detailed data on our achievements to ensure we are delivering value to all our clients.  Since 2010, and from a high level business perspective, we have achieved the following results:
Average Savings
This is the average savings per project the the last 100 projects
LED Lamps Installed
LED fittings and lamps replaced in our client's facilities since 2014.
Typical ROI Payback
Months to payback your investment in our solutions.
Projects Delivered
Successful Energy reduction projects delivered since 2010.

Our clients

Ecopare has a diverse range of clients across three main sectors: Industrial, Commercial and Education..

We have delivered hundreds of projects ranging from energy auditing through to large scale LED retrofit projects. Our projects are rapidly delivered with the focus on short Return of Investment timelines (typically less than 24 months).

A selection of clients are shown below:
Industrial Sector Clients
Commercial Sector Clients
Education Sector Clients

Our way of working

We believe in providing practical advice and installing proven energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. We are led by our client's requirements and tailor our way of working to ensure we add value to their business.

We are an ISO9001 and ISO14000 accredited company as we provide quality solutions and services with minimal environmental impacts. We ensure that we invest in our staff through with training and certification such as IPAF and PASMA, BS7671 and professional certifications like Certified in Energy Auditor (CEA), Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals (CLEP) & Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP).

Our core Ethos
Customer first
Our customers and the way they would like to engage with us is always at the forefront of all the projects that we deliver. 

We are always seeking ways to tailor our processes to meet our customer’s values, culture and business rather than the other way around.
Rapid innovation
A key attribute to the way that we deliver projects is the constant review and refinement we apply to all our processes. If we can find a way to deliver more value for a client then we will. We excel in helping to make step changes in energy use performance.
Smart delivery
We invest heavily in speeding up our ability to deliver value without compromising quality, safety or partnerships. This includes having our team members trained in the latest technologies and methodologies and ensuring that the pre- and post- project documentation is relevant, accurate and adds value.

Our clients

We have a range of clients including small schools through to large automotive companies.  All our clients have one thing in common - they want to reduce their energy usage.

This may be via simple energy audits to get the energy efficiency ball rolling through to large scale LED lighting deployments.  
A selection of clients are shown below:
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