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LED Lighting

Instant savings on your lighting bills

We deliver the total package from survey to commissioning
Ecopare has installed over 40,000 LED lamps into our client's facilities. We have the expertise to survey, design and install all types of LED lighting.

Our sector specific solutions are tailored to specific LED lighting attributes such as colour temperatures, glare ratings and lighting controls. We are supplier- independent so we offer impartial advice on the best LED lighting solution.

Typically our solutions can reduce your lighting bill by 65%-75% depending on your facility. This increases to over 85% when we combine this with lighting controls to actively manage the new lighting.
LED Lighting installation

Our Solutions

We provide an end-to-end service for LED lighting projects. We have the expertise to audit, design, install and to maintain LED lighting. Our services include:

Sector Based Lighting Solutions

We undertake all types of LED lighting upgrade and new-build projects.  However, we have specialist knowledge in the following sector focused LED lighting projects:


Lighting audits

Lighting Audits

Our lighting audits are undertaken by our Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals (CLEP).

We provide investment grade audits that provide accurate payback models and Return of Investment information. The information our Lighting Audits provide include quantities, electrical loads, recommended upgrade paths and lighting quality.
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LED Lighting Design

LED Lighting Design

Using industry leading lighting design packages such as Dialux and Relux Ecopare can provide detailed photometric analysis and lighting schemes. 

We have undertaken lighting designs for industrial, commercial and academic facilities. This service is part of our LED lighting solution set and can be either undertaken as part of a wider LED lighting project or on its own as a discreet pre-project assessment.
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LED Lighting Installations

LED Lighting Installations

Ecopare has a team of in-house electrical technicians who deliver LED lighting projects across the UK.

We are SafeContractor accredited to ensure we install the systems safely. All projects are supported with detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements and we follow a proven delivery process that is tailored to each clients requirements.
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LED Lighting controls

LED Lighting Control 

On all our LED Lighting projects we assess how much automatic lighting control we can incorporate to maximise the energy savings.

Our systems include daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and time based lighting. All our smart sensors and lighting controls are based on industrial strength systems to ensure that they perform without any issues.
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LED Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

All our LED Lighting installations take into consideration the need for emergency lighting.

We provide the capability to install, commission and certify LED emergency Lighting systems.

We make use of self-test emergency lighting wherever possible to ensure that the regulatory burden over monthly/yearly testing is kept to a minimum.
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Our Clients

Greenfield School, Woking

Our Team's Certifications

Our lighting division is made up of qualified lighting surveyors and designers, as well as electrical technicians to install your new LED lighting systems. 

Some of the certifications Ecopare and its staff have include:

LED Lighting Projects we have completed

LED Lighting for School Halls
School Hall LED Lighting
LED Lighting for an Automotive Press Shop
Automotive Press Shop 
LED Lighting
LED Lighting for Board Rooms
Office Board Room 
LED Lighting
LED lighting for Civic Centres
Civic Centre
LED Lighting
Warehouse LED Lighting
Distribution Centre
LED Lighting
Sports Hall LED Lighting
Sports Hall LED Lighting
Inspection Line LED Lighting
Inspection Line LED Lighting
Classroom LED Lighting
Classroom LED Lighting
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