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Ecopare Ltd, the practical energy efficiency company

Industrial Sector Energy Efficiency

Practical Energy Reduction Solutions for Industry

Energy is a resource that can be optimised to increase profits
Ecopare has a deep knowledge of industrial processes and how energy is used in making products. We can assist you in identifying your energy usage, recommend ways to reduce waste energy and implement smarter ways of working.

Our award winning Lean Energy Management solution has helped many manufacturing companies to reduce their energy usage across their facilities.

Our in-house Energy Auditors, energy efficiency consultants and engineers provide all the support to successfully deliver energy savings. This ranges from Energy Audits, Smart metering installations, LED lighting upgrades and Energy Efficiency training.

We work with a range of clients across industry including Automotive, Engineering, Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors.
Industrial Energy Efficiency projects by Ecopare
Industrial Energy Efficiency

Our Solutions

Since 2010 Ecopare has delivered practical Energy Efficiency projects that have helped industrial sector companies become more energy efficient. 

Our range of services encompasses all areas of energy efficiency. We undertake Energy Audits, deliver Energy Efficiency programmes, provide Energy Awareness training days and install energy efficient technologies such as LED Lighting and Variable Speed Drives.

With many energy efficiency projects successfully delivered into the industrial sector we have saved our clients over 4 MWh of energy per annum.
Industrial Energy Efficiency by Ecopare
Industrial Energy Audits by Ecopare

Industrial Energy Auditing

Our heritage is in industrial energy auditing and energy efficiency. All our Certified Energy Auditors come from an industrial background so they understand the unique requirements for manufacturers. 

We undertake both facilities based and industrial process based audits depending on the client's sub-industry. For example Advanced Engineering companies would see 80% of their energy usage in the plant & machinery whereas a furniture maker may only see 20%.
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Lean Energy Management by Ecopare

Lean Energy Management

For over 11 years we have been deploying energy sensors into manufacturing facilities to collect energy data. 

We collect energy data from any machine, process line or manufacturing cell.  This data is then analysed and reported though our Lean Energy Management solution.  It is available for any size operation, from small industrial units to large complex sites. 

We can show you where to focus your attention to maximise your savings.
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Factory and Warehouse LED Lighting by Ecopare

Factory & Warehouse LED Lighting

Ecopare has been installing LED Lighting into factories and warehouses since 2013. 

Our projects range from upgrading factory lighting to LED, installing warehouse LED lighting, replacing emergency lighting and installing lighting controls to provide additional energy savings.

We also offer a bespoke lighting solution for manufacturers who need inspection lighting.
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Energy Awareness workshops by Ecopare

Energy Awareness Workshops

The Energy Awareness Workshop is an interactive half day of learning, knowledge sharing and action planning. 

Tailored specifically for manufacturers we explore topics such as energy bill analysis, industrial process vs facility energy consumption, technical jargon made easy and how to implement energy reduction projects.
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Industrial Thermal Imaging by Ecopare

Thermal Imaging for Manufacturers

Waste energy can be highlighted by using a thermal camera to 'see' system inefficiencies. These include motors running too hot or loose connections in electric circuits. 

Our solution is designed around the industrial process and the plant equipment based in the factory.
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Industrial Expertise

Our industrial sector expertise ranges from reducing energy in small engineering shops through to large scale industrial processes such as automotive lines, food processing and pharmaceuticals. Specific industries include:
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Furniture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Composites and Plastic Injection Moulding

Our Clients

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