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Ecopare Ltd, the practical energy efficiency company

About Us

Our History

Ecopare was founded in 2010 as a Practical Energy Management company that delivers energy savings to clients in the Industrial sector.

Through its main Lean Energy Management solution it has delivered over 4 MWh of energy savings per year for its clients. It has expanded its range of services to include thermographic auditing, Power Quality Analysis and smart metering solutions. The result is a dynamic company offering a full range of energy reduction solutions.

In 2013 Ecopare began delivering LED lighting projects to its clients - these projects were at the forefront of the LED Lighting revolution and we have grown our team to deliver complex lighting solutions into the industrial, commercial and academic sectors.

In 2019 the firm has added a new range of services in the Electric Vehicle Charging market. We believe that this coupled with battery storage technology will be the next area of investment for forward thinking companies.

We are based in The Surrey Research Park, Guildford and we have a regional office in Oxfordshire.
Ecopare's Head Office
Ecopare's Head Office is based on The Surrey Research Park

We focus on three core ethos’ for all our projects:

Customer First
Our customers and the way they would like to engage with us is always at the forefront of all the projects we deliver. 

We are always seeking ways to tailor our processes to meet our customer’s values, culture and business rather than the other way around.
Rapid Innovation
A key attribute to the way that we deliver projects is the constant review and refinement we apply to all our processes. 

If we can find a way to deliver more value for a client then we will. We excel in helping make step changes in energy use performance.
Smart Delivery
We invest heavily in speeding up our ability to deliver value without compromising quality, safety or partnerships. 

This includes having our team members trained in the latest technologies and methodologies and ensuring the pre- and post- project documentation is relevant, accurate and value adding.
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