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LED Lighting Design

LED Lighting
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Retrofit and New Build Lighting Design

Professional designers to ensure the correct lighting levels   

Ecopare's LED lighting design service provide you with an accurate LED lighting schedule that has the correct lighting levels for the area in question, the most energy efficient options and one that meets your regulatory requirements.

We use the latest lighting design software to ensure the latest technology and best practices are incorporated into the design.

Our designs are fit for both new build applications and for retrofit upgrades where existing lighting infrastructures are taken into consideration.

What we provide

Our LED Lighting Design service will ensure that you get the lighting design that meets you light levels, quality of light and reduces energy consumption:

  • We use the latest Photometric modelling software such as Dialux and Relux
  • We model industrial, commercial and academic facilities
  • Energy savings analysis are always included
  • We incorporate lighting controls where possible
  • Emergency lighting is included in the design

Types of lighting designs we undertake

We provide lighting designs for the following:

  • Commercial buildings: offices, corridors, common areas and welfare facilities 
  • Industrial facilities: factories, warehouses, distribution centres and industrial units
  • Retail and hospitality: Shops, restaurants, pubs and leisure centres
  • Education establishments:  Classrooms, sports halls, multi-use halls, laboratories, and theatres
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exterior lighting

What our clients say

"We used Ecopare's design services to validate our LED lighting scheme that was provided by a lighting manufacturer. They reduced the number of fittings by 10% through better lighting configurations and energy savings by 20% by using lighting controls."

School manager

"Ecopare designed the lighting system for our inspection lines in the paint shop. They achieved a constant light level along 120m of decking."

Production Systems Engineer

Lighting Design projects undertaken

Inspection Line LED LightingLED Lighting for Board Rooms
Energy Efficiency in Schools by Ecopare
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