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Lighting Audits

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Lighting Surveys and Lighting Audits

The first step to a successful lighting upgrade  

The goal of a lighting audit is to collect the data needed to make an informed decision to upgrade your lighting.  

Our lighting audit service provides a detailed report in the form of an inventory of your lighting, the cost of running it, the cost of replacing it and the savings you will make.

It is undertaken by one of our Certified Energy Auditors or Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional who are experienced in gathering all the data needed.    
Lighting Audits

What we provide

During our Lighting Audit we perform the following tasks:
  1. A physical site survey undertaken by our qualified lighting auditors. They will gather the following information:
    • Location of fittings and functional use of the location
    • Type, quantity and condition of fittings
    • Lighting levels
    • Operational hours of the location
  2. Analysis of energy bills to understand financial impacts
  3. An inventory report on current energy usage, quantity and quality of lamps
  4. LED replacement strategy showing quantity and type of fittings
  5. Business case metrics including energy reduction, payback models and greenhouse gas savings
  6. Proposed installation strategy

Types of lighting audits we undertake

We provide lighting audits and lighting surveys for the following:

  • Offices, office blocks and office parks
  • Factories, warehouses, distribution centres and industrial units
  • Retail, hospitality and leisure facilities
  • Schools, academies, colleges and universities
  • Public buildings, civic halls and government buildings
  • Sports facilities including stadiums, sports centres/parks and playing fields
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exterior lighting

Additional Auditing Services

Some of our clients wish to have more in depth audits to meet operational or business requirements such as investment grade audits, evidence based savings or Occupational Health status audits.

We provide the following additional premium services during our audits:

  • Emergency lighting condition report and Emergency Lighting Compliance certificate to BS:5266
  • Certified energy savings using the IMVP standard verification and measurement tools.
  • Physical photometric analysis providing lux levels, colour rendition and colour temperature mapping
  • Certified before and after energy measurement

Lighting Audit projects undertaken

LED Lighting for School HallsFactory Lighting Audit
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