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Installation, Certification and Maintenance Services

Helping to meet your regulatory obligations  

Emergency lighting is critical to be compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  Therefore, all our LED Lighting installations take into consideration the need for emergency lighting.

We provide the capability to design, install, commission and certify LED emergency Lighting systems.  Our LED lighting team understands the Code of practice for emergency lighting (BS 5266-1 2018) and will assist you in ensuring you meet the requirements for emergency lighting.

Whenever possible we install emergency lighting that has automated testing functionality.  These systems reduce the need to manually perform the monthly/ yearly tests.  Instead they visually indicate if there is an issue with the luminaire or if the battery needs to be replaced. 

What we provide

Our LED Lighting projects usually include Emergency Lighting as standard.  This includes both new-build and retro-fit/ upgrade projects.  In all cases we undertake the following activities:

  1. Audit the existing emergency lighting to see that it meets current standards (BS5266-1:2018) 
  2. Review the fire risk assessment to understand locations of fire-fighting equipment and emergency escape routes
  3. Develop a photometric analysis and Emergency Lighting Design to ensure that the emergency lighting will meet the standards
  4. Install the new Emergency Lighting in accordance of the Lighting Design
  5. Commission and test the new Emergency Lighting system
  6. Issue the Emergency Lighting Certificate

Types of Emergency Lighting

We provide the following types of Emergency Lighting:

  • Integrated linear fittings with emergency lighting capability
  • Maintained and non-maintained emergency bulkheads and emergency downlights
  • Illuminated Emergency Exit signs 
  • Emergency Twin Spot and Flood lights
  • High Bay Emergency Lighting
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