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Ecopare Ltd, the practical energy efficiency company

Energy and Sustainability Auditing

Understanding your Energy use and Carbon Footprint

The initial step towards Net-Zero
We have been delivering Energy and Carbon audits since 2010.  Initially we worked solely in the industrial sector using our unique Lean Energy Management solution.  

Over the years we have expanded our energy and carbon emissions auditing services into both the commercial and education sectors.  This has been driven by client demand and their willingness to embrace net-zero strategies.

All energy audits are undertaken by our professional auditing team who will identify your energy mix, carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our easy to read reports provide the essential information that will guide any organisation towards a net-zero goal.
Energy and Carbon Auditing

Our Solutions

We provide a full range of energy and sustainability auditing that meets your business requirements.  Our auditing ranges from high level energy analysis, ESOS audits, Carbon footprint audits and detailed industrial process energy auditing.  
Energy Auditing by Ecopare

Energy & Carbon Audits

Ecopare's Energy Audit covers all types of estates and facilities from industrial complexes through to small offices. 

Our teams consists of Certified Energy Auditors, Energy Consultants and specialist Engineers. We provide a range of audits from energy verification audits through to ESOS compliant reporting.
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Thermographic Audits

Ecopare has a range of tools to deliver detailed thermographic audits across a range of applications: buildings, industrial processes, electrical distribution and steam/compressed air systems. 

The audits can be either a once off or on a continuous basis to measure variances.
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Energy Measurement and Verification 

Ecopare has the capability to provide independent Energy Measurement and Verification (M&V) of savings for any Energy reduction project. 

Our consultants are CMVP certified to ensure a professional standard of reporting.
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Energy Awareness Workshops

The Energy Awareness Workshop is an interactive half day of learning, knowledge sharing and action planning.

We explore topics such as energy bill analysis, what systems use the most energy, technical jargon made easy and how to implement energy reduction projects.
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Energy Auditing and Energy Management Projects we have completed

Factory Energy Audit
Automotive Paint Shop 
Energy Audit
Pump and Motors Efficiency Audit
Power Quality Analysis and Energy Audit
Real-time Energy Data Collection
Verification of Energy Savings project
Energy Treasure Hunt & ISO50001 implementation
School Thermographic Audit
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