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Understanding how you use energy in your business 

Measurement is key to managing its use 

Ecopare have been undertaking Energy Surveys and Energy Audits for the past 11 years. We have surveyed many types of estates, buildings, facilities and industrial processes and have uncovered many areas where we have significantly reduced energy consumption.

Our consultants are Certified Energy Auditors (CEA) and Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP) so we provide all levels of service, from basic energy surveys through to Financial Grade Energy Audits. 

We have a team of ESOS Lead Assessors who are able to sign off ESOS audits on behalf of our clients.

Energy Surveys and Audits

Our Level 1 energy survey is a good way to get an organisation onto the path of energy reduction and energy management.

Using our in-house developed methodology and conforming to BS16247 for energy audit reporting, Ecopare assists in gathering the relevant data and provide the results in an easy to read, non-technical format.

We review the following data and processes:

  • Utility bills including electricity, gas, other fuels and water
  • Estate or facility layout, building fabric and operational times
  • Main energy consumers including lighting, heating systems, small power
  • For industrial clients we also review all industrial plant and machinery

The report will identify the usage broken down into main energy consumer areas. We will provide useful narrative as to how we see them being managed in terms of energy usage. This usually takes the form of a traffic light system to identify assets that need attention first and those that can wait.

The heart of the report is the recommendations. These are provided with estimated payback time frames and financial implications.

Types of Energy Audits

We are often asked what type of energy audit is required to understand where, when and how much energy is being used.  There is no hard rule but rather a selection of audit types to meet different objectives.  The types of audits we deliver are:

  • Walk-about audit with desk-based research.  This is the most simple audit as it collects data based on interviews, visual identification of energy systems and detailed analysis of energy bills and energy mix.  This is suitable for compiling a list of recommendations of where energy can be saved.
  • Energy Treasure Hunt.  Based on the above audit, the Treasure Hunt extends the basic audit with the introduction of staff ideas and energy teams dedicated to reducing energy via small, targeted projects.
  • Short Term Energy Data Collection.  When a client wants a more detailed understanding as to how energy is being consumed we usually install temporary energy sensors onto those systems to collect the required data.  This data is then analysed and reported back to the client in a non-technical format.  Typical questions this answers include:  "How much am I spending on lighting?", "Do we have enough electrical capacity to install a new CNC machine?", or "What is costing me to heat the warehouse?".

ESOS audits

Ecopare is able to deliver your ESOS requirements for the next phase of the ESOS reporting cycle. Our trained and registered ESOS Lead Assessors can quickly and efficiently collect the necessary evidence and data, develop the report and submit it to the Environment Agency with minimal fuss.

We have experience in delivering ESOS compliance reporting in the following sectors.

  • Manufacturing, Process and Engineering sectors
  • Schools, Institutions and Academic Trusts
  • Schools, university and public buildings
  • Commercial buildings and estates

Our team's credentials

Ecopare's energy team are made up of professional energy managers and auditors.  

Some of the certifications our team holds include:

An Energy Audit Case Study

Ecopare undertook a detailed energy survey across all areas of the pub, including:

  • Review of all energy bills
  • Temporary energy metering on incoming electricity, gas and water
  • Detailed energy metering in the kitchen, bar area, cellar and outdoors
  • Thermal imaging of interior and exterior of building


The report highlighted a £1,500 per annum water leak, £2,000 of savings in the kitchen due to optimised kitchen prep time and £500 saving on new LED Lighting.

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