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Energy concepts & terminology made simple  

An interactive session delivered by energy management professionals   

Optimising energy consumption is a team effort.  It involves everyone in an organisation to be aware of how and where energy is used and how it impacts its operations.

The Energy Awareness Workshop is an interactive half day of learning, knowledge sharing and action planning. 

It has been created for the non-technical staff members in mind and deals with the concept of energy being a resource that can be actively managed. 

The workshop’s goal is to bridge the knowledge gap between the utility bill costs versus the actual energy consumption at point of use.
Energy Awareness Workshop

The workshop format

We provide the workshops in either a complementary public format where you attend with a mix of other businesses, or we can deliver the workshop at your site. The second option includes a free high level audit of your site before the workshop to ensure that we can tailor it specifically to your needs.

The workshop comes in a number of specific versions, depending on the audience:

Energy Awareness for Schools
Industrial Energy Awareness workshop
NEW LED Lighting for your business - making the business case.

Why attend our workshops

  • It is a half day of learning and knowledge sharing on energy management with your peers
  • It has been designed specifically for non-technical staff in mind
  • Key energy concepts will be explained in a non-technical and practical way. We explain terminology such as kW vs kWh, Carbon, base load and energy profiles in plain English
  • On average attendees identify 15% of their own organisation's energy consumption as wasted energy during the Workshop
  • It delivers a prioritised action list of energy optimisation projects for your organisation

Book a place

To inquire about our public workshop schedules please call Amelda on 01483 688170 or email

Topics covered

  1. Setting the context: The drive for sustainable business
  2. Your energy bills demystified
  3. Energy terminology explained
  4. Identification of key energy users
  5. Energy reduction project case studies
  6. Delivering successful energy reduction projects

What past attendees have said

"Thank you to the team for yesterday’s seminar, I found it very useful to frame the investigation work I need to undertake as a relatively new Manager. It also provided useful clarification on understanding the technicalities of the energy bills themselves."

Bursar, Independent school

"I thought the workshop was excellent, very well presented, interesting and relevant.
It has given me many key pointers to drastically reduce excess energy consumption on this site."

Financial Manager, Engineering company

“Thank you for the workshop yesterday. It was very informative and relevant and the bacon butties were an added bonus.”

Facilities Manager, Serviced offices

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