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Smart Metering and Energy IoT

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Automated Energy Metering  

Real time access to your organisation's energy data   

Ecopare has been installing energy meters and energy sensors into a range of facilities and industrial processes since 2010.  These are referred to as Smart Meters, and more lately, Energy IoT meters 

Our energy meters record many types of data such as electricity, gas, water and fuel consumption. We also collect environmental data on temperature, humidity, pressure, air flow and vibration. Other types of data we can automatically collect include occupancy levels, light intensity and production volume flow.

We utilise a range of metering technologies that suit the environment that we deploy in. This can include both fixed-wire and wireless sensors in a real-time or delayed collection modes

What types of meters do you need?

Energy metering is the only accurate way of determining your actual energy consumption and patterns of use. The level of detail an organisation wishes to go down to is dependant on the sector and size of the organisation.

We understand this issue and have delivered practical systems that meet the needs of our client's requirements.

We take into consideration:

  • What the client wants to measure. Is it just utilities or does environmental data need to be collected as well.
  • The size and complexity of the facility Different metering technologies suite different building types.
  • The frequency of data collection A real time data collection sensor requires a different network compared to a delayed data collection sensor.
  • permanent or temporary metering Deployment of a permanent infrastructure is more complex than a temporary one. A question also needs to be asked that once we have the data, will it change over time or remain the same?

Types of smart meters we install

  • Smart meters onto incoming electricity, gas or water
  • Sub metering at building, floor or zone levels by utility type
  • Plant and production equipment energy and condition monitoring
  • Environmental sensors to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, occupancy
  • Production data capture such as compressed air pressure & flow, heat, and production volume/flow

The technology we use

We use a three layer technology stack, the sensors, the network and the application layer.

Smart Meter Suppliers
Smart Meters and Energy IoT sensors
Smart Meter network layer
Smart Meters and Energy IoT Network protocols

Smart Metering Case Study


Ecopare installed a range of electricity, gas and water sensors in an automotive paint booth. Data was collected in real time and delivered to our services via a GSM network. A 4 week cycle of data was collected and analysed for patterns.

The main components of the paint booth that was monitored included:

  • Electricity usage for both Incoming and exhaust Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • Gas feeds to incoming AHU systems
  • Water feeds to incoming AHU systems
  • Water flow from and to the central water ponds
  • Internal booth and outside temperature and humidity levels


  • Identification of waste energy in weekly start up procedure reducing energy cost by £52,000
  • Recommendation of further analysis to reduce booth air flow by 50% during breaks and stoppages
  • Business case evidence to drive installation of permanent metering across all 9 booths
  • Winner of Energy Award for metering project for the team
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