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The smart way to manage your business energy usage 

Continuous management of a key business resource 

Ecopare's ISO 50001 service provides a standard methodology to get your business to adopt the ISO 50001 certification.

We have a tried and tested process to rapidly identify all the elements required to generate the Energy Management System documentation.  We also assist putting the necessary record keeping systems in place to provide the evidence and system feedback needed for a successful ISO 50001 audit. 

Our smaller clients successfully utilise our methodology to manage their day-to-day energy usage without the overhead of getting externally certified. 

Our highly experienced team of energy assessors and energy management professionals are ready to help implement the ISO 50001 Energy Management System in your organisation.
ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

Key Benefits of ISO 50001

  • Identify and manage the risks surrounding your future energy supply
  • Decrease Energy Waste and improve operational efficiencies
  • Increase energy awareness across staff at all levels
  • Improve corporate image and stakeholder credibility

Overview of our EMS

Energy Management System

Our team's credentials

Ecopare's energy team are made up of professional energy managers and auditors.   We can assist you in all aspects of energy management and energy reduction programmes. 

ISO 50001 Case Study

The client wanted to use ISO50001 without incurring the cost of certification. Ecopare delivered its rapid IS050001 ready starter service to gather the following data:

  • Management control over energy
  • Regulatory and advisory frameworks
  • Maintenance and capital control
  • Significant Energy Users
  • Energy Policies and Processes


  • Deferred investment of around £300,000

The data was then formatted into a non-technical Energy Management System which defined the Energy Policy, the management commitment and how energy is managed and constrained within the business.

The process now has a dedicated feedback loop to allow all areas of opportunity to be assessed and if a savings can be made, it is implemented. The system has identified and reduced over £450,000 worth of energy cost since implementation.

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