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Industrial Process Energy Usage Verification

Industrial Energy measurement and verification

Energy Measurement and Verification   

Horsham, UK

Organisation Type
Agriculture primary processing
Facility Type
Prototype industrial process

Project Scope 

A small UK Agricultural business required funding to further develop a process of converting farming waste into paper pulp without causing any harm to nature. To support their application, they needed independent, professional verification of the energy used in the process.

  • Defined an agreed process in line with M&V best practice to identify the energy used in producing a single batch of finished material.
  • Delivered a plan that outlined the process, the factors that could influence the results, data capturing devices to be employed and the timescales involved - all in line with Measuring and Verification Protocol EVO 1000 – 1:2012.
  • Installed calibrated energy measuring sensors for electricity, heat input and batch temperature
  • Captured 48 hours of data from process start through to end of batch production
  • Analysed and verified results and submitted final report outlining the measuring conditions and the results by energy source breakdown.

Project Outcomes 

On the back of the provided information, the client was able to:

  • Assess whether the energy used in the process was in line with their expectations.
  • Ensure the energy used met the criteria to gain development funding.
  • Look how the process can be adjusted to improve on the amount of energy used.
  • Have credible output data captured via an internationally recognised protocol to support any claim made.
Industrial Measurement and verification
Industrial energy measurement and verification
Industrial energy metering
Industrial energy metering
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